Skype to charge for once free calls

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I noticed when I updated my iPhone apps last night that the latest Skype app has been updated. It includes free calls via 3G but there is a catch.

The once free calls are now going to require the payment of a “small monthly fee”. This includes Skype-to-Skype calls, which have always been free.

And as this article from CNet Australia points out, is it worth paying any fee at all? Especially in Australia, where capped and untimed calling plans are becoming all the rage.

Is paying for iPhone Skype worth it?

from CNET Australia – News by (Jessica Dolcourt)

It’s been nearly six months since Apple gave 3G VoIP calls the green light, and Skype is just now following in the footsteps of VoIP clients like Fring and iCall by turning on support for calls over the data network with its own contribution – Skype for iPhone 2.0.

There’s just one catch – Skype’s 3G calling is only on a trial basis for now. In early 2011, the VoIP company will levy a “small monthly fee” that for now remains undecided, according to online reports. Skype has not yet released information explaining how it will charge for the service, but we’re guessing subscribers will sign up through in-app purchasing.

Update: – Looks like it’s only if you want to use 3G


Skype-to-Skype calls over Wi-Fi will remain free, along with Skype over the fixed internet, but if you’re expecting free VoIP over your 3G connection (without a premium charge) then you’ll have to think again (or just download a copy of Fring or similar).