Free GPS Navigation on Nokia Phones

Nokia with Free NavigationEvery since the release of the Google Android mobile telephone, which brought the world free turn by turn navigation, more and more manufacturers have been including free access to their GPS navigatgion software.

Nokia are the latest to give it’s customers free navigation software. Free for now and free forever.

Nokia’s latest navigation optimised mobile telephones not only come with a promise of free navigation for life but also in-car accessories. Depending on the handset you choose, you’ll get ha glass mount cradle and possibly a in-car charger.

My experience with the Nokia GPS software has been quite successful. The infterface is easy to use and the mapping information is regularly updated.

News like this lead me to ask about the future for “old world” GPS manufacturers like Garmin, Magellan and TomTom.  Innovate of die!

You can find out more on the Nokia Site.

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