Harmin Vista COne of my latest interests is Geocaching. Geocaching is a sport/hobby which entails using a GPS reciever to pinpoint and visit a Geocache. It started back in 2000 when the us government turned off “selective availability”, which introduced errors into the GPS system. With this new found accuracy we could reliably hide and find our Geocaches.

A Geocache can be a small as a film canister (can you still buy film?) or as large a suitcase and must contain a Log Book and may also contain trading items. These trading items are sometimes called “swag”.

Found ItSwag is traded once you;ve found the cache. It is not maditory but is a part of the game which has it origins in the first “geostash” which started the whole game off. When caching with my kids, we’ll regularly swap items for those in the cache. When by myself, I rarely trade swag but love to move “trackables” from cache to cache.

A “tackable” can be either a “Geocoin” or  a “Tavel-Bug” both of which have unique number to identify them. You move them from cache to cache and the owner keeps track of them, traveling the globe vicariously though their little firends.

f you’re interested, checkout or Geocaching Australia

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