Resting for a bit

The old girl has seen better days. Pemberton Rail Mueseum


Goodbye Sunshine

Taken on the Australind Foreshore using HDRpro on my iPhone 6s Plus


Bunbury Wildlife Park

Today we visited the Bunbury Wildlife Park. I took some video of ath animals an cut it together on my iPhone using iMovie as a demonstration for some teacher colleagues of mine. I thought you might appreciate a look as we’ll…

Using Organo Gold in your cooking

Organo Gold have released an online recipe book of tasty tats using OG products. Check it out below,

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Organo Gold welcomes Greg Norman

How do you know you’re onto a good thing? Successful business people start doing the same thing you are. Greg Norman, “The Shark”, has joined Organo Gold and has begun setting up his family for generational wealth. Obviously Greg Norman doesn’t need the money himself, but like many in OG he is doing it for his friends and family. By…

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Balingup Medieval Festival 2013

Balingup comes alive. I took the family and kids on an excursion into the past. We visited Balingup for the annual Medieval Festival. Its a wonderful event and the kids just loved the people dressed for the event. Here are a selection of photo’s I took. You can check out the rest of the good ones on Facebook here.  


My OG experience

Late in November 2012 a good friend of mine contacted me and asked me about the coffee I drink and would I like to talk to her about an opportunity. Being pretty much addicted to coffee, I agreed. Any excuse to have another cup to round out the day. She told me about this new business which was available all…

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Snap Happy – Wineography Tour

I recently had the pleasure of tagging along on a Wineography Tour of the Fergsuson Valley with some Happy Snappers from the Bunbury area. Below are some highlights of the day. Happy to report, our group, Team Erica won the days challenge….


Sunset on the Back-Beach

Spent some time in Bunbury and took some photographs for a client. Below are some images which didn’t make the cut.  


Eloise didn’t want her photo taken from