Privacy and Sharing in the 21st Century

Have you had that discussion with your friends about Facebook or Twitter? The one that starts off with them saying “I don’t like the invasion of my privacy”. I have many “friends” or “tweeps” who have accounts with all the social networks but haven’t posted more than the usual hellos and thanks for the birthday wishes.

What are these people missing?

What do we gain from sharing?

A video came down my Google+ stream today. It’s from Jeff Jarvis, author and tech journalist. I only know Jeff from his books and internet productions but I can say, he is the most switched on person I’ve seen. We could all benefit from Jeff’s experience.

Watch this video and post your responses.


Do you agree? Which side of the line do you fall on???

1 comments on “Privacy and Sharing in the 21st Century
  1. Peter Lomax says:

    I agree with Publicness as Simon says. Information provides the individual to empower themselves and with this comes wisdom as debates can be formed and freely expressed.