iPhone 3G cracked – or is that jailbroken?

It didn’t take too long. The iPhone 3g has been cracked to allow it to be used by on any carrier.

This will be great news for 3 Mobile customers, who were excluded by the giant fruit company and for those who are finding it hard to get stock from Telstra.

Personally I’m wanting one but my dealer can’t get one for me. Telstra want me to drive 200kms to pick one up and I suppose drive a round trio of 400kms for any warranty issues.

Very frustrating. Maybe I’ll look at the new iPhone copies from Samsung.

If you want to checkout the software, do so at your own risk here.

One comment on “iPhone 3G cracked – or is that jailbroken?
  1. Liza S says:

    Is there a way to jailbreak the iPhone 3G 2.2 without using QuickPwn? I’ve heard lots of people permanently bricked their phone using that method.