Fuelwatch – watching the price rise – not actually doing anything.

Is it just me or does Fuelwatch just let you know before hand how much you are going to pay for your fuel. It can’t reduce the price of oil, that is set by the big cartels in the Middle East.  It can’t adjust the Aussie dollar so we a subject to variations due to the currency falling.

What can we control?

Is it not correct that we are a NET exporter of energy? Can’t we just slap on a higher royalty for energy products exported overseas and make it cheaper for the oil companies to sell their gas and oil in Australia. I understand we link our oil price artificially to the Singapore price. Why? It’s our oil, not the oil companies. I’m sure if we change the law and force them to sell it to us at the cost of production, they may just get up an leave. We’ll start our own oil company for Australians only.

But the rest of the world won’t trade with us!!! We’ll that may be the case but sooner or later they won’t have a choice, then we’ll be the oil barrons.

Come on KRudd, stop this nonsense about reducing excise, montitoring fuel companys, and generally not getting down to it. The problem is not inside your control at the moment. Email the oil companies and give them the bad news, Not us…..