3G iPhone – In Australia but Telstra silent

Well, Jobsy has annouced the release of the 3G iPhone and the apple.com show that Vodafone and Optus will be releasing the unit on July 11.

What about Telstra?

Apparently Telstra has plans but won’t release the information.

Are they going to tell us before July 11 so us tech folk know if we can buy one to work on the Telstra Network or will be have to buy “the next big thing” from one of the others.

I’d be really annoyed if I purchased an iPhone from vodafone and then found out that Telstra will have one as well as their superior coverage.

There have been many roumours but no press releases…..

According to AustralianIT, inside sources have said.

Telstra stayed quiet as its rivals wracked up marketing points by standing in the glow of the local iPhone launch, but will now go ahead and sell the device according to people close to the company. The telco is targeting a date of July 22, they said.


Telstra has persistently refused to comment on the iPhone. “Watch this space … nothing’s changed,” Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor said today. 

So how usefull is this information for people making buying decisions?

Do I wait two weeks to get one off Telstra or do I have to buy one off Vodafone or Optus and take the risk of jailbreaking it?

Important people (thats me and you) want to know.