Windows Mobile users finding a close friend in the Iphone

I’ve had my iPhone 3G for almost a year now and anyone who knows me is aware how much i love it. Well I’m not the only one. Slowly the family is now upgrading their phones and the most popular phone among the Jubbs at this time is definitely the iPhone 3G. I can count 5 iPhone in my close family and at least 2 others amongst the cousins.

The most telling conversion for me is that of hard-core Palm Treo user and Windows Mobile exponent, Ali Flowers. One of the hosts of the Ms-Mobiles podcast, Ali has been a Treo user for many years and recently has been forced into Windows Mobile. I thought I’d never see the day but Ali has now got herself an iPhone.

She has only had it for a short while but she has put here thoughts on her blog “Just another geek site”. Here is an except.

I’ll start with some of the things I really like. Coming from various Palm devices, I am thrilled to pieces with the camera on the iPhone. While it can’t replace my Nikon, the pictures it takes are crisp, clear, bright, and big! I know a lot of this depends on what you’re used to, but this is a major improvement for me. And believe it or not, so is the battery life! The battery on my Treo 800w would be down to 25% by 1:00 in my classroom, while the iPhone is probably closer to 60%. (I wish it would tell me exactly, rather than showing me the battery icon!) Either way, it’s still an improvement.

I suggest you head on over to her site and check out the entire post. Pay particular attention for her comments about evernote. I’ll be posting some info about it shortly, or you could just take a gander at