Telstra gives away the farm

Telstra announced this week that they have signed an $11billion deal to sell access to it’s integrated network to the NBN co. But has Telstra sold the farm out from underneath¬† it’s self and it’s shareholders?

The deal reportedly requires Telstra to migrate all it’s customers to the new fibre network and cease expansion and development of it’s copper networks.

This is undoubtedly good for almost everyone, except Telstra, their staff and their shareholders. Even Telstra competitors are happy. IInet saying they are happy Telstra has come on board. From my experience, if your most vehement opponent is happy with your actions, then you’ve stuffed up.

I fail to see how giving up their greatest asset can further Telstra’s future growth and prosperity. For

mine, this capitulation to the bully boy tactics of the Federal Government, lead by heir Conroy, will do nothing for Telstra shareholders. Why not have a truly competitive communications industry and have competitive private/public companies build their own network and allow customers to choose from the carriers available in their location.

This is a coup for the leaches….