Senator Conroy’s losin’ it.

It seems recently that our esteemed Minister for Communications and all things Internet is being distracted by almost anything that will get him a headline.

Making a balls up of the NBN process by taking out the most important player was only his first cock-up. He then tried to restrict our access to Internet content with the much hated “clean-feed”.
It now seems that now he is upset because Google apparently recorded a few kilobytes of information from open wifi hotspots as they drove around.   (ps how about mandating secure and encrypted wifi instead)
It appears the Minister can’t actually focus on fixing up one problem before he jumps in and creates another one.
The light at the end of the tunnel appears the be mining “super-profits” tax which will see Conroy thrown out of power for dessimating the mining industry. (not his problem but a happy effect of his leaders socialist tendencies)
We can only hope.

Internet Association slams Conroy’s petty attacks


The Internet Industry Association has called on Stephen Conroy to get on with building the NBN rather than picking fights with industry players like Google.

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