RIM Blackberry Bold – Launched in Perth

Blackberry BoldHere are a couple of thoughts from the BlackBerry Bold launch.
  • WIFI  – Wireless networking allthough not really important because all handset data included on plan.
  • GPS – Builtin GPS for navigation using “Whereis Navigator” ($15 per month)
  • Keyboard – Proper Qwerty Keyboard – Not 2letter per button or onscreen
  • Music Player/Ipod – Integrates with Itunes though BB software – 1 Step syncing of Music (much better than Imates)
  • Networks – Triband UTPS (HSDPA) QuadBand GSM – will work in Japan and Korea
  • Email – POP email accounts as previous but setup and management on handset not web
  • Instant Messaging – BB to BB and BB to PC (MSN & Yahoo etc)
  • Views Attachments JPG, PDF WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint
  • Improved HTML Web Page view with Compression (although the process by which this is achieved could be a privacy concern)
  • USB Charger and sync (compatible with most usb accessories)
  • Memory – only 1Gb but expandable with microSD card (16Gb??)
  • Camera – Only 2 Megapixel and with Fixed Focal Length (Same a iPhone and less than Imate 9502)
  • Display – Higher resolution than previous Blackberrys but still quite small in physical size.
  • Edit Attachments – Word & Powerpoint Only (Imates can edit Excel)
Without actually handling the device and taking some time to test the features, it appears that the BB Bold is a significant improvement over previous models including the much loved Pearl. The interface is the same as previous imates with the addition on the new features. I’m not a fan of the track ball pointing device but in the absence of a touch screen, this is the only way to navigate the menu/web. RIM have finally come around to the idea of browsing the internet on the phone. The Web interface is significantly improved even with the “Man in the Middle” compression/format modification server.
Overall it is a significant step up for RIM. My only concern is that RIM doesn’t sacrifice it’s leadership in “business” type features (security, functionallity) in the hopes of heading off “consumer” type threats from “the other phone”. iPhone Killer – No, but a competitor (they will ship millions of them)