Optus slapped by Federal Court

Court finds Optus broadband ads 'misleading, tricky'
Wed 03 Nov 10, 15:21pm AEST

The Federal Court has found Optus breached the Trade Practices Act and engaged in "misleading and tricky" advertising. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took Optus to court over two advertising campaigns, offering consumers broadband internet plans. Optus had offered consumers data packages with download limits for peak and off-peak times. But Optus did not tell customers that if they exceeded their peak data allowance, their off-peak data would be reduced to just 64 kilobytes per second. ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel says it is a serious breach of the Trade Practices Act. "Now this is a case, frankly, where we think Optus stepped over the line and took steps that we think engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct," he said. Mr Samuel says companies that en…=

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