iPhone App of the Week – Waze

This week I thought you might like to here about a new application that I’ve been trying out for the last few weeks.

Waze is an iPhone app and website providing turn-by-turn navigation on a user generated map.

The second part is the part that I enjoy. The basic idea is to run around town with the Waze application on the iPhone and the app will provide real time feedback to other users and yourself about traffic conditions and routing information.

If, like me, you live in an area which does not have an established map on waze.com. You can be part of the team and generate the map as you drive on your commute to work or going about your daily routine.

Tied into this is a range of social functions including a ranking and points system to spur you on to build up the map, and also the ability to interact with other users and pass on important traffic and hazzard information, be it animal, human or constabulary.

At this stage, the map of my area is so basic that the routing features haven’t been useful but in time I’m sure they will. Traffic reports are generated automatically by comparing your speed with the average speed on a particular stretch on tarmac.

My fear is that they may disappear like so many other mapping projects, thus causing me to once again map my local area, but until that happens, I’m having a ball with the new app.

Check it out at waze.com

One comment on “iPhone App of the Week – Waze
  1. Daniel says:

    Hi this is Daniel from waze. Glad you are enjoying our app! If there is anything I can help you out with please send me an email! Thanks