How to Hard (Hardware) reset you Imate 9502

I-Mate 9502 Hard Reset Procedure

The i-mate 9502 hard reset procedure is a little different to the HTC devices.

To reset the 9502 if it has crashed and is hanging on the blue i-mate boot screen instead of continuing to Windows Mobile, (if a soft-reset or battery in/out hasn’t fixed it), do the following.

Bear in mind this wipes the device.

It will not wipe your storage card, unless of course you’ve used WM6 encryption on it which hard-resetting is going to upset.

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1. If the battery is 100% dead, give it ten minutes charge with the mains adapter. (I had difficulty resetting a completely flat unit with mains, so charged a minute or three and then tried on battery and it worked first time. Ymmv)

2. Make sure the unit is completely off. The easiest way to ensure this is to unplug any mains or USB sync cables, then take battery out and then put it back in, but do not press the power button to turn it back on.

3. Open the screen and hold down the both the blue “FN” key at the bottom left of the keyboard and the green telephone call button, then whilst these are held down press and hold the power button at the top of the machine. The unit should show a white screen with on-screen instructions to press the left hand soft-button. (The soft-buttons are the buttons marked with dash symbols either side of the i-mate logo and inbetween the flag-style Windows button and the OK button, all below the screen next to the red and green call buttons)

4. The unit will reset and reboot.

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7 comments on “How to Hard (Hardware) reset you Imate 9502
  1. matob says:

    Thank you Sir,
    This is very helpfull.
    Now I can solve the error on my iMate 9502.


  2. Jrn says:

    Hope somebody can solve my problem:
    To upgrade my 9502 to WM6.1, I connected it with Win7 and ran setup (XP compatible mode). Halfway, it hung and told to reconnect iMate. I removed and plugged device. Since then “EUM update fail: Please reconnect to PC and run the upgrade again” comes on the middle of imate screen. that’s it – no other msg on restarting and no keys work – not even power btn. (I have to remove battery to restart). On connecting to usb and running upgrade (as suggested) it says device not found, and that it must be connected via activesync etc. How can it to PC when the WM O/S is in half cooked mode? Pls help to solve the problem!!!
    Thanks & regards.

  3. Josh says:

    Wow thanks for this. I had been having this problem a lot lately. This worked great! Thanks again.

  4. khan says:

    sir, I lost my password of my mobile please help me to open my mobile.
    best regards,

  5. khan says:

    dear sir,
    i forget my imate 9502 ultimate password how to open my mobile to use

  6. EVS says:

    If the ring tone files are corruppted, how to repair it? Where I will get the battery for imate 9502?

  7. Christy says:

    Great blog! This is very helpful especially to those with the same issue.