Conroy says we have no choice, there will be no opting out.

In her first wrong move as Prime Minister by coup, Gillard has retained heir Conroy as the Minister for Communications.

As his first act, he finds it necessary to ridicule a member of his own party for daring to suggest that, maybe Australians would like the option to filter their own internet usage.

I’m appalled that Conroy is allowed to get away with constantly referencing “opt-ing into child-porn” whenever someone questions the filter. It is disgusting that Conroy is allowed to accuse me (and you) of Child Pornography, just because we don’t want a government controlled Internet and ultimately all media. (coz that’s how the media will be delivered to you shortly)

I have a perfectly simple network filter running for my household. Why do I have to be subject to the fascist tendencies of the soon to be ex-leaders of this once great country.

via APC on 6/28/10


Stephen Conroy has ridiculed the suggestion that Australians should have a choice to opt-in or opt-out of the proposed internet filter.

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