Article: No iPhone killer yet, how about iPad killers? – MAC.BLORGE

Every new phone that comes out is heralded as the new killer of the iphone, and none has yet come even close. Is it going to be even easier for any (or all) of the iPad clones to kill the Apple tablet?

In the smartphone world, the iPhone has survived more “iPhone killers” than everyone can shake all of their sticks at. Not one of the Blackberry line, nor any one of the Android phones even come close. They’re having a hard enough time defeating the iPhone as a group. The iPad had been out in the world almost unchallenged while every manufacturer in the world prepares a clone with which to challenge it. Will any single one of those competitors be able to catch up to the iPad, or has Apple simply produced another winner that will be at the head of its marketplace for a very long time?

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