ABC News: Conroy flags delay in release of NBN plan

Good to see Mr Conroy is starting to come to his senses. If he back pedals slow enough, then he may just do it without us knowing.

The NBN should be completed as a commercial arrangement with commercial outcomes and commercial profits and or losses. Assuming that the network has to run at a loss and govt funding it in this way is very short sighted. 

I'm sure that at least one Telco could manage to provide a suitable network. They just need to have certainty over the regulation which the federal government seems to change at it's political will.

Why must I pay for a network I may not use and probably won't cover my home town anyway?

Conroy flags delay in release of NBN plan
Tue 07 Dec 10, 13:21pm AEST

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has indicated the business plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN) may not be released this month as planned. The Government received the business plan for the multi-billion dollar project about a month ago. But Senator Conroy says the Government is still considering a report by the competition watchdog on aspects of the network's design. He says that may mean the plan needs to be changed. "To some degree, the decision of Cabinet – which will be influenced by the ACCC – will then lead to some further work that may need to be done on the NBN business case, as you would expect it to be done," he said.

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One comment on “ABC News: Conroy flags delay in release of NBN plan
  1. Josh says:

    Hey what do you know the government wont be completeting a project on time, who would have thought. I support our government and its officials, but never in my entire life have I had so little faith in them.